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What to Expect


At Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church you will discover sinners, like yourself, who know they have been redeemed by Christ...who died for our offenses and was raised again for our justification...

God's People

God's people know they still need regular forgiveness, and so they come to God's house to be served with forgiveness and strength to live in a sinful, fallen world.  You will find warm people, cool people and cold people...people in all stages of life, people in all stages of joy and heartbreak. Some will reach out to you, and others are in need of encouragement and support as they face life's trials. 


As we gather around Christ's Word and Sacrament, our Lord serves us.  Jesus repeatedly stated that He came to serve the lost. And so our gathering on a Sunday morning, uniquely the gathering for Holy Communion, is called the Divine Service.  Here Christ serves us with wonders such as forgiveness, instruction, love and comfort, and He does this in what we call the Liturgy.  "Liturgy" is really a Greek word for service, and it is appropriate not because we serve God, but because He serves us.  The Liturgy is a powerful and ancient pattern for worship, having roots extending even into the Old Testament, and it is soundly drawn from Holy Scripture.  Upon receiving Christ's gifts, we indeed praise and glorify our God--Father, Son and Holy Spirit.