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Coming Home for the Holidays

Posted by Pastor Yeager on

Coming Home for the Holidays


Luke 2:22-40


Coming home for the holidays is a great tradition. Christmas for many involves traveling back to our roots, to our parents or grandparents, that we might celebrate with them in the joy and merriment of the Christmas season.


In today's Gospel, the Lord Jesus, 40 days old, comes home for the holidays. That is, he come to his Temple, the house of God. In the prophet Malachi we read, "The LORD whom you seek shall suddenly come to his temple."


Why do Mary and Joseph bring the baby Jesus to the temple? To do for him according to the Law- to present a sacrifice for him, and for the purifying of Mary from childbirth. This is the beginning of our Lord's active obedience under the Law for us. He fulfills what we could not: perfect righteousness. He was "born under the Law to redeem them that we under the Law." Gal. 4:4. Through faith in the perfect righteousness of Christ, we are justified and saved.