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Jesus Heals Many

Posted by Pastor Yeager on


Jesus Heals Many

4th Sunday after Epiphany || Luke 4:31-44


The season of Epiphany is the season where the glory of God is made manifest in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus? He is the Son of God in human flesh. What has Jesus come to do? He has come to be the Messiah of the world, the one who takes the sin of the world upon himself. He goes to Calvary to suffer and die, laying down his life as the one perfect sacrifice for the sin of humanity. What is the glory of God that is manifest in Jesus? The glory of God is God's grace and mercy toward sinners. It is God's undeserved love and compassion toward the unworthy, founded upon the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. That is the glory of God. 


As we see our Lord going about doing many miracles in today's Gospel, we see that glory of the grace of God made manifest. The Lord transforms this fallen creation. He brings the new creation, through the forgiveness of sins. His second coming, he will bring the new creation to completion. We became new creations in Christ in Holy Baptism. We look forward to the completion of the work God begun in us through when Christ comes again on the Last Day. On that day, what we see the Lord doing in the Gospels will be done totally and completely in our lives as well.