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Law and Gospel

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 Mark 12:28-37 “Law and Gospel”

Which is the Greatest Commandment? A Scribe puts this question to Jesus this morning. Jesus' answer? Love. Love God with everything you have- heart, soul, mind, and strength. And, love your neighbor as yourself. Love fulfills the Law. 

But immediately upon hearing this word, we recognize something about ourselves. We haven't loved God or neighbor perfectly, nor do we have the capacity to do so. By nature, we are fallen, selfish, turned inward. The call to 'love,' as sweet as it might sound, is condemning Law, for this we failed to do. 

These is a second question in the Gospel. What do you think of Christ? How can he be David's son? Jesus puts this question to the Scribe. David, in Psalm 110, calls the Christ, Lord. How can the Christ, the Messiah, be both David's son and David's Lord at the same time? This question is no riddle. It gets to the heart of who Jesus is. Jesus is true God and true Man. Begotten of the Father from all eternity. Born of the virgin Mary, a royal descendant of David.

Jesus is both God and man to redeem us from sin. To stand in our place under the Law, so we might be forgiven and justified. This is an invitation to faith. Believe in Jesus as the Christ, both David's son and Lord, for he has redeemed you, lost and sinful creature, from the Law's curse. God be praised. 


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