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Prayer for the Church September 15, 2019

Posted by Pastor Yeager on

+For the Homebound & Infirm: Delores Rumple, Edna Mesing,

Irene Bieberich, Faye Keuneke (all at Woodcrest); Malinda Bieberich, Anita Spiegel (Adams Heritage); Marge Merriman (home).
+Those who rejoice: Tyler Reinhart and Brittany Schumm, who will be united in Holy Marriage at Bethlehem, Ossian, Sept. 21st               +Birthdays: Davis Macke, Karen Schueler, Xadrian Brune, Todd Kolter, Malinda Bieberich, Brian Todd, Ethan Brege, Mike Fruchte, Eli Steiner, Lauren Albert, Harmon Bluhm, Brian Korte, Martha Krumline, Josh Brune