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Prayers of the Church April 26, 2020

Posted by Pastor Yeager on



+For a swift end to COVID-19; for those infected and those who have been exposed; For loved ones and caretakers; For those leading nations; For physicians, nurses, technicians, researchers, administrators, and all other healthcare employees around the world; For those who must work, despite the threat of sickness; For those who have become unemployed or under employed during this pandemic; For Churches and all ministers of the Word; For parents and children; For Wyneken and all places of learning; For those who are alone; For all navigating decisions during this time of uncertainty and fear.


+For the Sick at St. Paul: Anita Spiegel; Bonnie Gallmeyer; Jim Schueler; Ken Schueler; Dick and Ruth Bultemeier. +For the Homebound & Infirm: Delores Rumple, Edna Mesing, Irene Bieberich, Faye Keuneke, Marge Merriman (at Woodcrest); Anita Spiegel (Ossian Health and Rehab Nursing Home). +Birthdays: