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Sermon: The Rich Young Ruler: Who, or What, is your God?

Posted by Pastor Yeager on

Sermon:  The Rich Young Ruler: Who, or What, is your God?

                                                            Mark 10:17-22

What does it mean to have a god? A god is anything in which you put your trust. Luther says in the Large Catechism that the trust of the heart makes both God and idol. In the First Commandment we are called to fear, love, and trust in God above all things. But the Rich Young Ruler's god was his wealth, and his superior morality: "All these Commandments I have kept from my youth." His trust was in money and morality, not in Christ. 


Jesus tells the man he should sell everything and give his wealth to the poor. Why? This is a call to repentance. The man should give up the thing which he had been trusting in the place of God. The man should forsake the idol of wealth, and follow Jesus: that is, trust in Jesus for life and salvation. 


To us, the call is the same: what are the idols we've been loving and trusting besides God? The Law reveals those idols. The Gospel promises forgiveness and cleansing from all our false worship and idolatry in the blood of Christ which cleanses us from every sin and makes us holy people in him. 


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