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Shall We Look for Another?

Posted by Pastor Yeager on

Shall We Look for Another?


Luke 7:18-28


Today is the Sunday of the pink candle. Pink, because the name of this, the Third Sunday in Advent is 'Gaudete' which means, 'joy.' So pink is the color of joy- rejoicing in Christ, the coming King.


But the Gospel, at first glance, seems anything but joyful. John the Baptist is in prison, awaiting his death. Hearing of the ministry of Jesus, he sends two of his disciples to ask, "Are you the coming one," the Messiah, "or shall we look for another?" At this point, many theologians debate whether John doubted Jesus, the one whose way he was sent to prepare.


Every Christian struggles with doubt. The chief temptation of the devil is to lead us to despair of the word and promises of God, to lose our faith. In the Gospel, Jesus speaks to John a word of encouragement. "Go and tell John...the blind see, the deaf hear, the poor have the good news preached to them."


In the midst of our struggle with doubt and despair, the Lord visits us with his Gospel. Therein we have the assurance of salvation. Therein our faith and confidence rests, and is strengthened amidst the troubles of life.