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The Baptism of our Lord

Posted by Pastor Yeager on



The Baptism of our Lord | Luke 3:15-22


Christmas is the celebration of the Son of God who united himself to our flesh and became Man. Because of Christmas, the Son of God was made to be like us in every way, a brother to us in every respect, except without Sin.  Now, at the Baptism of our Lord, we see what the Son of God came to do.  The Son of God, our Lord Jesus, is baptized to unite himself to our Sin, to take that Sin upon himself, the sins of all humanity, for he is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29). The Scapegoat in the Old Testament is a picture of Jesus.  Once a year, a male goat was picked from among the flock. On it’s head was laid the sins of all the people.  The Scapegoat was sent out into the wilderness. At his Baptism , your Sin along with the sins of all humanity are laid upon your Savior, and Jesus our Scapegoat willingly takes them to the cross to atone for them by the shedding of his blood.


What is the relationship between our Baptism and Jesus’Baptism?  In one sense, Jesus’ Baptism and our Baptism are the opposite of each other.  Jesus goes into the water the pure, spotless Lamb of God, and comes our laden with the Sin of the World. We go into the water dirty, we might say, with the stain of Sin.  Yet your Baptism washes sins away and forgives you, so that you are new and holy in Christ.  We go into the water to have our sins washed away; Jesus goes into the water to take our Sin upon himself.  We go into the water to get what’s his (forgiveness, life, salvation) and he goes into the water to get what’s ours (sin, death, the judgment of the Law).  We call this, ‘the Great Exchange’: one great exchange is made in the water between Jesus and us.