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News and Notes August 12, 2018

08.11.18 | Bulletins | by Kim Ehlerding

News and Notes August 12, 2018

    Serving Christ During the Week Today: Baptism Birthdays Recognized 9am, Divine Service (Pastor Brege’s Farewell Sermon) 12Noon Pastor Brege’s Farewell Recognition at Wyneken Pastor and Lynn leave for District/Synod Function; returning Sunday 6pm All Youth and Parent Organizational meeting (see notes) Monday: Pastor & Lynn gone through Sunday Tuesday: Wednesday: NO 7pm Summer Bible Study/Adult Instruction Thursday: 7pm Ladies Aid and LWML meetings Friday: Saturday: Next Sunday: 9am, Divine Service (guest preacher; Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill)

    NEWS AND NOTES August 12, 2018

     During Communion distribution, the Communion hymn is sung. As long as people are still communing, the next consecutive hymns in the hymnal are sung. We do not stand for doxological hymn verses during Communion distribution.

     Today we recognize baptismal birthdays in the month of August. The following young people will be asked to come forward at the beginning of the service: Ashlyn Vogel, Charlie Faurote, Henry Faurote, Clayton Minnich, Lucas Blum, Maddie Reinhart, Madison Fisher, Navy Bluhm, Walt Nussbaum. May we each remember our baptism with joy!

     In honor of Pastor Brege's dedication to 36 years at St. Paul Preble Lutheran Church, we are gathering in Pastor and Lynn's honor to show appreciation for all the years of service they have given us; today at Wyneken Cafetorium, August 12th at noon. Prior to dining, a few people are invited to speak. Since Pastor Brege has touched so many lives in his 36 years, we previously asked for an RSVP to assist in planning for everyone interested in dining. As this RSVP for food was very helpful we have accommodated for those who haven't had a chance to RSVP. PLEASE join us today even if you haven't responded.

     Shortly after today’s reception at Wyneken Pastor and Lynn will be heading to Branson, MO for a gathering of District Presidents and their wives. [There are 35 District Presidents in our Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.] Pastor and Lynn plan to return next Sunday.

     Our congregation has a special “call meeting” (for calling a new pastor) on August 21st. See today’s insert.

     Please mark your calendars now for the following activities: Sunday, September 30, 2018 LWML SRD Workshop 3:00 PM here, St Paul-Preble - Sew Cancer Pads. Sunday, October 7, 2018 LLL/LWML Fall Rally, 3:00 PM at St Peter-Fuelling - Pastor Daniel Dahling will present history on the life of Friedrich Conrad Dietrich Wyneken. Please continue to save your LWML Mites for Missions. We are still wanting and needing our cut cancelled stamps for Missions.

     Cheers to 50 Years! Wyneken Family Fun Open House on Sunday, August 26! Kick off with a Tri-church celebration service at St. John, Bingen, starting at 11am. Join us for an open house with kids’ games and lunch at the school following the service. You must RSVP to purchase food tickets. No food tickets will be available the day of the Open House. Do you have any Wyneken School memorabilia? We would love to borrow and display it for the open house. To share your items please contact Abby Wilder at 413-3473.

     Our Wyneken parents who attend worship here with their Wyneken children are reminded to initial their column on the special books in the narthex. We have begun another 6 months of record keeping for attendance. Recall that each family with their Wyneken children must attend at least 14 services at the church to retain their member tuition status.

     Ladies of the congregation please consider becoming a member of the Ladies Aid. Our members number only 12 ladies, and it would be very beneficial for our congregation’s needs to keep this organization active. The Ladies Aid’s project profits are used only for purposes here in our own congregation. It is sometimes difficult to carry out the month’s activities with so few members. Please prayerfully consider becoming a member of St. Paul’s Ladies Aid. We meet this Thursday at 7pm. Cheryl Reinking will be speaking about her mission trip to Alaska. Please remember to bring your Mites as we will be having an LWML meeting as well.

     Sunday School will resume after Labor Day, (Sept. 9) from 9:15-10am. We are in need of teachers for 5-7 grade girls. If you are interested please talk to Tim Hoffman.

     Do you have a love for children? The Wyneken Child Care has some part-time positions open. If interested or desiring more information, please contact Christine Cornett, Director of the Wyneken Child Care program, at 639-6064.

     Wyneken no longer accepts used printer/laser/toner cartridges and cell phones. Thank you for your past patronage in these programs.

     Upcoming High School Youth Gatherings: All Youth and Parent Organizational Meeting - Sunday, August 12 at 6 p.m. All youth in grades 6-12 and their parents are encouraged to join us on Sunday August 12th at 6 p.m. in the St. John, Bingen Parish Hall for our 2018-2019 Youth Organizational Meeting. We will discuss our events and goals for the upcoming year. With Brian taking the position in Petoskey, it is very important that both the youth and their parents participate in this meeting. Anyone else who is 18 years of age or older (and willing to submit to the required background check), is also welcome to volunteer their time in serving our youth. Please consider this opportunity to serve even if you do not have children in grades 6-12.

     Important Dates: August 12 – 6pm All Youth and Parent Organizational meeting (Bingen Parish Hall); Tuesday, August 14 – 6am Early Bird Bible Class begins (Bingen Parish Hall); Sunday, August 19 – 12noon All Youth Back-to-School Bash at Pine Lake Waterpark (meet at Bingen parking lot); Sunday, August 26 – 11am Wyneken 50th Anniversary Service (St. John, Bingen).

     You are cordially invited to attend an Evangelism Conference sponsored by the Indiana District’s Council of Congregational Outreach and hosted by Trinity Lutheran Church in Indianapolis, Indiana on September 7 and 8, 2018. The theme of the conference is “Confessing Christ in a Contentious Culture: Speak the Truth in Love (Ephesians 4:15).”

     "Prayer list" for members to use as they bring the needs of others before God's throne of grace: Cathy Terhune has miraculously shown improvement; Marilyn Harvey; Rae Fuhrmann (long time Wyneken teacher).

     The antidote to despair is not autonomy (1 Kings 19:4). God only gives (or reserves!) daily bread to draw hearts into the bakery and unto the Bread-Maker (John 6:35, 44). He has designed human beings for community (1 Kings 19:7), and our opponent has no countermeasure for compassion. When we don’t apathetically abandon those facing life-or-death situations but instead embrace and assist, we receive them as treasures from heaven. Giver of Life, strengthen us to strengthen others with Your ways. Amen.

     The lessons for next Sunday are Prov. 9:1-10; Eph. 5:6-21; John 6:51-69.







    Saint Paul Lutheran Church

    Sermon: Flesh: Fallen, Freed, Fed
    I. Man’s flesh fell.
    A. God made man’s flesh to be very good, immortal.
    B. Man’s flesh rejected God, becoming dead.
    C. Now the flesh of man is dark, cold, ugly.
    II. God became flesh to redeem free man’s flesh.
    A. Thus we celebrate Christmas.
    B. Christ preached that His flesh must die and rise.
    C. The Son of God gave His flesh into death; then rose.
    III. Now Christ’s flesh is our bread.
    A. It is our food offered through the Word and Sacraments.
    B. It is our bread: Eating is believing.
    C. It is the bread that gives resurrection and eternal life.

    P: Lord, in your mercy C: Hear our prayer:
    Death: Vera Hammond, mother of Joy Hamilton
    Our Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
    For our congregation as we begin the call process
    The Nation
    Hospitalized: Norb Schaekel at Lutheran
    Our Sick & Shut-in
    Birthdays: Bart Blum, Doug Miller, Alisha Huffman, Irene Bieberich, Stephanie
    Shoup, Ralph Selking, Gene Weber, Lynn Garner


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