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NEWS AND NOTES August 26, 2018

08.25.18 | Bulletins | by Kim Ehlerding

NEWS AND NOTES August 26, 2018

    Today: 9am, Matins (guest preacher, Rev. Mark Steiner) 11am Wyneken 50th Anniversary Service (St. John, Bingen). Wyneken Open House; Family Fun with Kids’ Games Monday: [Pastor Brege at District Office] Tuesday: [Pastor Brege in Indy] Wednesday: [Pastor Brege at District Office] 7pm Adult Summer Bible Study/Adult Instruction Thursday: [Pastor Brege at District Office] Friday: [Pastor Brege at District Office] Saturday: Next Sunday: 9am, Divine Service (guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill)

    Serving Christ During the Week

    Today:         9am, Matins (guest preacher, Rev. Mark Steiner)
                       11am Wyneken 50th Anniversary Service (Bingen).
                       Wyneken Open House; Family Fun with Kids’ Games
    Monday:      [Pastor Brege at District Office]
    Tuesday:      [Pastor Brege in Indy]
    Wednesday: [Pastor Brege at District Office]
                       7pm Adult Summer Bible Study/Adult Instruction
    Thursday:     [Pastor Brege at District Office]
    Friday:         [Pastor Brege at District Office]
    Next Sunday: 9am, Divine Service (guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill)

    NEWS AND NOTES August 26, 2018

     We welcome today Rev. Mark Steiner (wife: Deborah) as our guest preacher. Rev. Steiner served years ago as a Field Worker at Bethlehem, Ossian. Rev. Steiner is currently Advancement Officer at the Seminary. We pray the Lord’s blessings on Rev. Mark and Deborah Steiner as they serve the Lord in their respective vocations.

     Norbert Schaekel, who had served as principal of our Wyneken School for 17 years, departed this life on Tuesday, August 21st. Pastor Daniel Dahling, who had been ministering to the family during Pastor Brege’s district--related absence, conducted Norb’s funeral on August 24th. We rejoice in the faithful service that Mr. Schaekel had performed, but even more so we rejoice in the certainty of the resurrection in Christ our Lord!

     Last Sunday’s (and also today’s) altar flowers were in honor of Leroy and Marilyn Werling’s 60th wedding anniversary. We thank God for this milestone in their lives.

     “Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ here at St. Paul: Thank you for the wonderful farewell dinner and for the encouraging and memorable comments made both publicly and privately. You then graciously gave me a significant financial gift and farewell recognition plaques. For these, but even more for the friendship and love you have shown me and my family through these 36 years, I am extremely thankful. I thank our Lord also as I recall the faithful service of the Gospel you shared with me, wherein you realized and continue to realize the eternal gifts earned by Christ and distributed in His Church. Blessings to all in Christ Jesus during this transition! He works all for good. In Him, Pastor Brege.”

     On Tuesday (August 21st) the St. Paul Voters unanimously extended a divine call to Rev. Andrew Yeager. Rev. Yeager, who is currently pastor of Zion Lutheran Church of Garrett, is announcing his call to his congregation today. Pastor Yeager is now called to two congregations that are geographically separate, so he must prayerfully determine which congregation he will serve as full time called pastor. He plans to make a decision within two or three weeks. We pray the Lord’s guidance as Rev. Yeager deliberates his call to serve here.

     Pastor Brege is planning to be involved with two St. Paul related activities this week. God-willing, he will be at today’s 50th anniversary celebration, and Wednesday he plans to teach the Adult Instruction Class (which is now combined with the Summer Bible Class). All are welcome.

     As of September 1st Kim Ehlerding will be our new secretary. (Lynn Brege will be helping Kim with the September 2nd bulletin so send information to the current email address this week) If you have any bulletin information for the September 9th bulletin, please send it to our new email address at:

     As Pastor Brege is now working fulltime with Indiana District matters, in an urgent situation members are encouraged to contact an area pastor (Dahling, Brock, Voorman, Christian).

     Cheers to 50 Years! Wyneken Family Fun Open House next Sunday, August 26! Kick off with a Tri-church celebration service at St. John, Bingen, starting at 11am. Join us for an open house with kids’ games and lunch at the school following the service. You must have meal tickets to attend today’s dinner.

     Our Wyneken parents who attend worship here with their Wyneken children are reminded to initial their column on the special books in the narthex. We have begun another 6 months of record keeping for attendance. Recall that each family with their Wyneken children must attend at least 14 services at the church to retain their member tuition status.

     Sunday School will resume after Labor Day, (Sept. 9) from 9:15-10am. We are in need of teachers for 5-7 grade girls. If you are interested please talk to Tim Hoffman.

     If you love to sing and wish to use your talent in service to the Lord, please join us as the Adult Choir will begin practices on Wednesday, September 12 at 7pm. Sing to the Lord a new song!

     As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School, we recognize the graduates of our school. This week we remember the Wyneken graduating class of 1970. Brenda Berning, Cheryl Boenker, Jerry Bultemeier, Janna Bultemeyer, Donna Counterman, Jeffrey Crosby, Denise Haines, Cynthia Kiess, Bonnie Koeneman, Howard Mesing, Glen Miller, Randal Moellering, Ronald Oetting, Kim Stoppenhagen, Sharlene Stoppenhagen, Sue Uffelman, Gene Witte

     Please mark your calendars now for the following activities: Sunday, September 30, 2018 SRD Workshop 3:00 PM St Paul-Preble Sew Cancer Pads Please bring your favorite thimble, needle, and scissors. Preble ladies will be serving a light evening meal. Sunday, October 7, 2018 LLL/LWML Fall Rally 3:00 PM St Peter-Fuelling Program: Life of Friedrich Conrad Dietrich Wyneken. Light evening meal will be served by Fuelling ladies.

     For those planning to donate to our Wyneken School through an SGO, the IRS appears to be acting quickly to halt the SGO benefits. Donations to the SGO program should be made by tomorrow evening if a person wants to be certain of the tax savings. Call Jon Dize at 260-203-4509 or go to

     You are cordially invited to attend an Evangelism Conference sponsored by the Indiana District’s Council of Congregational Outreach and hosted by Trinity Lutheran Church in Indianapolis, Indiana on September 7 and 8, 2018. The theme of the conference is “Confessing Christ in a Contentious Culture: Speak the Truth in Love (Ephesians 4:15).”

     "Prayer list" for members to use as they bring the needs of others before God's throne of grace: Cathy Terhune has miraculously shown improvement; Marilyn Harvey; Rae Fuhrmann (long time Wyneken teacher).

     Matters of marriage, sexuality, and procreation are not marginal to the Christian message. Husband, wife, and children capture the heart of the Gospel in their unconditional acceptance and self-sacrificing servanthood (Ephesians 5:31-32). Indifference or abuse to family structure diminishes our life-saving witness. Celebrating and exercising these gifts will strengthen all other social institutions as well. Heavenly Bridegroom, charm us into enthusiastically submitting to Your will. Amen.

     The lessons for next Sunday are Deut. 4:1-2, 6-9; Eph. 6:10-20; Mark 7:14-23.








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    Sermon: “A Fence Made of Water” Mark 7:1-13
    The Pharisees and the Scribes travel from Jerusalem to Galilee to confront Jesus. The religious leaders have made up their own rules about what makes a person clean. Jesus sets them straight about washing up.


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