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NEWS AND NOTES, December 2, 2018

11.29.18 | Bulletins | by Kim Ehlerding

NEWS AND NOTES, December 2, 2018

Weekly Schedule Today: 8am pg. 219 Matins 9:15-10am Adult Bible Class & Sunday School 10:15am pg. 184 Divine Service 11:30am Catechism- Public School 6:30-8:30pm Wyneken Volunteer Service and Games Monday: 6pm Elders 7pm Council Tuesday: 6am Early Bird Bible Class 7pm Voters Wednesday: 7pm Choir practice Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Next Sunday: 8am pg. 184 Divine Service 9:15-10:00 am Sunday school and Bible Class 10:15am pg. .219 Matins 6:30-8:30pm Movie Night at Caston Home

Weekly Schedule


Today:                                   8am   pg.  219 Matins

                                                9:15-10am Adult Bible Class & Sunday School

                                                10:15am   pg. 184 Divine Service

                                                11:30am Catechism- Public School

                                                 6:30-8:30pm Wyneken Volunteer Service and Games

Monday:           6pm Elders

                                                7pm Council

Tuesday:           6am Early Bird Bible Class

                          7pm Voters

Wednesday:      7pm Choir practice




Next Sunday:     8am   pg. 184 Divine Service

                                                 9:15-10:00 am Sunday school and Bible Class

                                                 10:15am   pg. .219 Matins

                                              6:30-8:30pm Movie Night at Caston Home

NEWS AND NOTES, December 2, 2018

At St. Paul, Preble


  • Altar Guild is in need of someone to fill candles and change paraments for two months out of the year starting in 2019. If  interested please call Kim Ehlerding at 701-8368


  • The Ladies Aid Christmas party will be held Thursday, December 20th at 6:30pm.  Please remember to bring your Secret Pal gift and a gift for your spouse.  We wish to invite all those who graciously helped with noodle making and the church bazaar.  Make your reservations no later than Sunday, December 16th by contacting Jan Blum (223-3532), Lynn Brege (547-4256) or Kelly Todd (466-7494).  We look forward to seeing you there!


  • Elders and council meeting is Dec 3rd at 6pm and 7pm. Voters meeting on the 4th at 7pm


  • Today the children begin practice for the Christmas Program. If you wish for your children to be in the our program please have them at practice.


  • Bids for Music Director, Custodian & Grounds Keeper needs to be in today to Tim Reinhart, Brian Todd or Wally Mesing


  • Thanks to Brian Steiner for his diligent work in adorning the sanctuary and grounds once again for our annual celebration of Advent and Christmas.


  • 2019 Offering envelope boxes are now available in the narthex. Please see a deacon if you need assistance in locating yours.  If you did not receive a  box and would like one, please contact Alan Zimmerman.


  • Email and Updated Contact Information: if you would like to start receiving email announcements of upcoming events at Preble, please write your email address on the Church Director in the narthex. Also please update any relevant contact information on the Church Directory. 


  • Paul Endowment Fund. Do you have an idea on how the St. Paul Endowment Fund can be used for the following items? 1. Missions: Local, regional and world projects. 2. Youth: Support for youth of all ages. 3. Worship and Music: Support for the worship activities of our congregation. 4. Capital Projects: Major renovations and building of new facilities. All members are encouraged to consider potential uses for these funds. Take this time to give it some thought to submit ideas and quotes for any of the items listed above for the 2019 year. In the recent years more than $222,000 has been used to support the above items. Application forms and Bylaws can be found on the table in the rear of the church. Grant applications will be accepted thru January 6th. Any questions call Sue Buuck, Barry Melcher, Ethan Brege, Catherine Faurote or Mike Werling.


At Wyneken Lutheran School


  • As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School, we recognize the graduates of our school. This week we remember the Wyneken graduation class of 1984. Chad Baumann, Lois Bradtmueller, Michael Brandt, Gregory Bulmahn, Davon Bultemeier, Troy Christman, Tim Conrad, Craig Hazelett, Tyrone Hockemeyer, Todd Hoffman, Daniel Jeffrey, Brenda Koenemann, Kate Macke, Lyle McIntosh, Cheryl Melcher, Melissa Melcher, Chris Rhymer, Rebecca Scheiman, Dale Scheumann, Shelly Tieman, Lincoln Whitman Jonathan Zwicki


  • SCRIP: A new SCRIP representative (volunteer position) is needed  for St. Paul, Preble. Please prayerfully consider your church and school in this capacity.  If  interested,  contact Mr. Gavrun at principal or by phone at 260-639-6177


  • SGO Donations. For those donating to our Wyneken School through an SGO, SGO donations will still give the donor a 50% tax credit for their Indiana State taxes. However, the federal IRS will no longer allow such donations to be itemized. Call John Dize at 260-203-4509 or go to

  • Attendance Record. Our Wyneken Parents who attend worship here with their Wyneken children are reminded to initial their column on the special books in the narthex. We have begun another 6 months of record keeping for attendance.  Recall that each family with their Wyneken children must attend at least 14 services at the church to retain their member tuition status.


  • “50th Anniversary Gala & Silent Auction” We would appreciate your support and partnership with us as we hold our 50th Anniversary Gala & Silent Auction.  This special event helps reduce the number of smaller fundraisers our school does while helping to benefit our students, teachers, and staff through the dollars raised.  Portion of the proceeds from this event will be used to help update and improve the school’s playground.  We are seeking donations for the silent auction as well as sponsorship.  Your donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.  All donors will be featured in our event program!  For any information call Kari Butcher 260-223-2277 / or Erin Hull 260-580-2709/