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NEWS AND NOTES, December 23, 2018

12.21.18 | Bulletins | by Kim Ehlerding

NEWS AND NOTES, December 23, 2018

Weekly Schedule Today 8am Page 203 Divine Service Setting IV 9:15-10am Adult Bible Class & Sunday School 10:15am pg. 219 Matins 11:30am Catechism- Public School Monday: 7pm Christmas Eve Service-Children’s Program Tuesday: 9am Christmas Day Divine Service (Holy Communion) Next Sunday: 8am pg. 219 Matins 9:15-10:00 am Sunday school and Bible Class 10:15am pg. 203 Divine Service 12 Noon – 7pm Fellowship Hall in use

Weekly Schedule


Today                    8am  Page 203 Divine Service Setting IV

                                                9:15-10am Adult Bible Class & Sunday School

                                                10:15am   pg. 219 Matins

                                                11:30am Catechism- Public School

Monday:                               7pm Christmas Eve Service-Children’s Program

Tuesday:           9am Christmas Day Divine Service (Holy Communion)

Next Sunday:     8am   pg. 219 Matins

                                                 9:15-10:00 am Sunday school and Bible Class

                                                 10:15am   pg. 203 Divine Service

                           12 Noon – 7pm Fellowship Hall in use


NEWS AND NOTES, December 23, 2018


At St. Paul, Preble

  • CHILDREN’S PROGRAM. Parents please have your children here by 6:30- 6:45pm tomorrow night for the Christmas Eve Program.


  • If you currently serve as an acolyte and can be present at the Christmas Eve Children’s Program, we are rehearsing today during Sunday School. Please meet with Pr. Yeager in the sanctuary. Since we are rehearsing today, there is no need to be earlier than 6:45 tomorrow night. Thank you.


  • ADAMS HERITAGE AND WOODCREST. For those involved with pushing wheelchairs and bringing our residents to the Divine Services at Woodcrest- I am now in the rotation also at Adams Heritage. I will visit both places next on Jan. 10th (Adams H- 11AM; Woodcrest 1:30PM) and would certainly appreciate your help if available. Please see me if you would like a schedule.


  • FINAL REPORTS. The various church organizations should get their final reports to our church secretary by January 11th so the annual report can be completed before the Church Council meeting on January28th.


  • EIGHTH GRADERS/WREATH LIGHTING. I would like to commend our Preble 8th graders participating in the wreath lighting. They are: Sydney Keane, Leyna Macke, Nevaeh Martinez, Skyler Steiner, and Haleigh Wesley.


  • ENDOWMENT FUND. Do you have an idea on how the St. Paul Endowment Fund can be used for the following items? 1. Missions: Local, regional and world projects. 2. Youth: Support for youth of all ages. 3. Worship and Music: Support for the worship activities of our congregation. 4. Capital Projects: Major renovations and building of new facilities. All members are encouraged to consider potential uses for these funds. submit ideas and quotes for any of the items listed above for the 2019 year. In the recent years more than $222,000 has been used to support the above items. Application forms and Bylaws can be found on the table in the rear of the church. Grant applications will be accepted thru January 6th. Any questions call Sue Buuck, Barry Melcher, Ethan Brege, Catherine Faurote or Mike Werling.


  • THANK YOU. I would like to thank all for prayers, thoughts, visits and cards during my recent surgery. I would also like to thank the Cheer Committee for their visit. Jim Schueler.


At Wyneken Lutheran School


  • As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Wyneken Lutheran School, we recognize the graduates of our school. This week we remember the Wyneken graduating class of 1987. Mitchel Baumann, Lyle Berning, Beth Blomenberg, Kurt Braun, Nathan Bultemeier, Amy Bultemeyer, Von Bultemeyer, Todd Buuck, Linda Conrad, Sara Croucher, Daniel Gallmeyer, Emily Habel, Kimberlee Hoffman, Michelle Johnson, Todd Kreigh, Emily Lehrman, Kevin Macke, Jennifer Menter, Curtis Rekeweg, Cathy Scheiman, Stephanie Scheumann, Troy Scheumann, Laura Selking, Sandra Selking, Sarah Witte.


  • Wyneken Open House: Sunday, January 27, 2019 from 12:00-3:00pm. This is an opportunity for any new church families and those with pre-school, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten aged children and any new families to visit our school, speak with school personnel, and learn more about the valuable education we offer.  If you know of a family who would be interested in, please share this with them or have them contact the school at 260-639-6177.


  • January Events & Activities:   January 3,Classes will resume;  January 3, School Spelling Bee@1:45pm;  January 18, birthday lunches with the principal;  January 21, No School, MLK day (planned e-Learning day);  January 25, Grade 3 to the Shriners Circus;  January 25, Pep Session, 2pm;  January 27, School Open House @12-3pm;  January 27-Feb 1, National Lutheran Schools Week;  February 1, Family Game Night, 6:30pm;  February 1, Mid-term of 3rd


  • “50th Anniversary Gala & Silent Auction” We would appreciate your support and partnership with us as we hold our 50th Anniversary Gala & Silent Auction March 2.  This special event helps reduce the number of smaller fundraisers our school does while helping to benefit our students, teachers, and staff through the dollars raised.  Portion of the proceeds from this event will be used to help update and improve the school’s playground.  We are seeking donations for the silent auction as well as sponsorship.  Your donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.  All donors will be featured in our event program!  For any information call Kari Butcher 260-223-2277 / or Erin Hull 260-580-2709/


  • Next Week Readings: Exodus 13:11-15, Colossians 3:12-17, Luke 2:22-40