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NEWS AND NOTES February 9th, 2020

02.09.20 | Bulletins | by Kim Ehlerding

NEWS AND NOTES February 9th, 2020

WEEKLY CALENDAR Today: 8am The 5th Sunday after Epiphany-Divine Serv. 9:15am Bible Class and Sunday School 10:15am The 5th Sunday after Epiphany-Matins 11:30am Public School Confirmation 1pm MS Youth—Ice Skating and Coney Island 6:30pm HS Youth—Gathering at Parsonage #1 Tuesday: 6am No Early Bird @ St. John 7pm Lutheran Bible Institute Wednesday: 7pm Choir Practice Next Sun: 8am The 6th Sunday after Epiphany-Matins 9:15am Bible Class and Sunday School 10:15am The 6th Sunday after Epiphany-D.S.

NEWS AND NOTES | February 9th, 2020

At St. Paul, Preble

The 5th Sunday in Epiphany gives us an excerpt from the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:13-20, where Jesus teaches about the Law. He says, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them.” [Mt. 5:17] God’s Law is good, and has a place in the life of every human being, even the believer in Christ. It sets the will of God before our eyes, warns us from evil, and teaches us how to live in a holy and God-pleasing way. Since the Fall, the Law—even when it instructs us in the way of righteousness—always accuses the sinner. It not only guides us toward a holy life (3rd Use) and curbs the wicked (1st Use), but shows us the reality of our own evil hearts, which are turned away from God in selfishness. It condemns sinners for their failure to love God, and to love the neighbor as the self. As harsh as the ministry of the Law is, we need to hear the Law before the Gospel. Apart from the Law, we will not recognize our need for a Savior, and the Gospel will fall on deaf ears. But the Law works contrition, a sorrow over sin, and prepares the heart for the Gospel.

Jesus came, not to get rid of the Law, but to fulfill it. It is his perfect active obedience—keeping the Law in every way, and his perfect passive obedience—suffering the punishment sinners deserved on the cross, which is the righteousness of God. Sinners are not saved by works of the Law, but through the righteousness of faith. Christ’s righteousness is given through the Word and Sacraments and by faith, it is credited to our account. Through the Law, we come to see our sin and our need for a Savior. Through the Gospel, we receive that very Savior for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

52nd Annual Lutheran Bible Institute – This is the 52nd year for the Decatur Lutheran Bible Institute (LBI) which will take place Feb 11, and 18, from 7 - 9:15 p.m. at Wyneken. February 25 will be used as an alternate date in case of cancellation due to inclement weather. These continuing education courses, open to students and adults, are conducted by the LCMS churches of the Decatur circuit and taught by local pastors and professors.

Newsletter for Wyneken and the Voters Minutes (Jan. Meeting) for St. Paul have been printed out and are in the narthex. Take a copy home today.

A Big Tree has fallen next to the parking lot across the road. The Trustees would invite anyone seeking free firewood to come and have at it- first come, first serve. What is not collected by members will be taken away in February.


Anita Spiegel is turning 80 on Feb. 20th. We will have a card shower for her. Please place all cards on pastor's desk and we will see that she gets them.


Many thanks to those who came to make noodles, and for those who set up and cleaned up. 472 pounds of noodles were made this round.


Many thanks to Tim Ehlerding for his craftsmanship in creating the fine cabinet for our new projector which now sits in the fellowship hall.

The Lutheran Foundation (TLF) is offering $1,000 scholarships on a first come, first served basis to the four-week Lutheran Summer Music Academy and Festival (LSM) to be held at Valparaiso University June 28-July 26. For more information visit www.lsmacademy.org or call 612-879-9555.  


Middle and High School Youth.


Ice Skating and Coney Island today, Sunday, Feb. 9th, 1—5:30pm. This is a Middle School Event for those in the 6th-8th Grade. We will meet at the Bingen parking lot at 1pm and head to Headwaters Park to ice skate. We will then head to Coney Island for hot dogs. Please let Pr. Yeager or Pr. Brock know if you plan to participate by Feb. 7th. Skating is $5, eating is ~$5-10.


Feb. 9th H.S. Youth Gathering tonight at Parsonage 1 from 6:30-8:30pm.


Winter Whiteout Weekend Retreat. This event is for 8th-12th graders. We will leave promptly after school Friday, Feb. 21 and return Sunday, Feb. 23. Cost is $75 per person. Skiing or snowboarding is an additional $21 (includes rental and 1-hour lesson). This event will involve skiing and also catechesis. Please ask Pr. Brock for an informational packet if you do not have one. Packets were distributed to 8th graders and all H.S. youth at the gatherings.

Higher Things Conference 2020.  We will attend the Higher Things Conference next summer at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, July 14-17, 2020. If you are interested, please contact Pr. Yeager to register.

 At Wyneken.

Wyneken PTL Meeting: There will be a Wyneken PTL meeting on Monday, February 10 at 7pm. This is a regular business meeting with discussion of projects and fundraisers sponsored by the PTL. If you have never attended a meeting, please come join us. We would love to hear your ideas and input! Childcare is provided free by the 7th /8th grade class.


School Closing Reminder: Wyneken will be closed on Friday, February 14 for a Teacher Professional Development Day and on Monday, February 17 for President’s Day. Due to the cancellation on December 16, 2019 we will be implementing a planned e-Learning day on Monday, February 17. 

Spring Enrollment for 2020-2021: Enrollment forms for the 2020-2021 school year are being updated and will be mailed very soon to all currently enrolled families and new families who attended the open house. If you know of a family who was not able to attend the open house and is interested in receiving information please call the school office at 260-639-6177.  

Wyneken PTL invites you to our Mighty Warrior Gala, February 29th, located at the Eden, 14013 Emmanuel Road, Hoagland, IN 46745. This annual fundraiser supports our school in many and various ways and is a fun night of fellowship with Wyneken parents, teachers, and pastors, past and present. Presale tickets only. Contact Kari Butcher at to purchase tickets.

Issues, Etc.

Listen to wide-ranging topics of interest at issuesetc.org. 2020 IssuesEtc. "Making the Case" Conference is Friday, June 12 and Saturday, June 13 at Concordia Univ. Chicago.  At this conference, meet and hear: Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist, Mark Hemingway of RealClearInvestigations, Dr. Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Seminary, Dr. Robert George of Princeton University, Rev. Hans Fiene of "Lutheran Satire," Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller of Has American Christianity Failed? and Rev. Will Weedon of "The Word of the Lord Endures Forever."If you have any questions, send an email to lynn@issuesetc.org or call (618) 223-8385.