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NEWS AND NOTES, October 27th, 2019

10.24.19 | Bulletins | by Kim Ehlerding

NEWS AND NOTES, October 27th, 2019

WEEKLY CALENDAR Today: 8am Divine Service Setting 5 see bulletin 9:15am Sunday School & Bible Class 10:15am Divine Service Setting 5 see bulletin 11:30am Reformation Day Potluck 6:60-8:30pm All Youth Reformation Gathering at Gorman’s Home Monday: 6pm, 7pm Elders and Council Tuesday: 6am Early Bird Bible Study 7pm Voters’ Assembly Wednesday: 6pm Large Catechism Class 7pm Choir Rehearsal 7:15pm Adult Catechism Class Next Sun: 8am The Order of Matins 9:15am Bible Class and Sunday School 10:15am Divine Service 11:30am Confirmation Class

NEWS AND NOTES, October 27th, 2019

At St. Paul, Preble

Festival of the Reformation. Today, we celebrate the Reformation of the Church, begun over 500 years ago through the works and preaching of Martin Luther and other Lutheran Reformers. What was the Reformation? As its heart, the Reformation was a rediscovery of the Gospel. It was an awakening to the central message of Scripture, namely, that sinners are justified before God, not on the basis of any work, merit, or worthiness in them, but solely through the grace of God—God’s kindness, favor, and love—which is founded upon the merit of Jesus Christ and manifested through the word of the Gospel.

At the heart of the Reformation is the faith which believes: the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has won salvation and eternal life for me and for all sinners. And through faith in this saving Word, I am free. As Jesus says in the Gospel, “If you abide in my Word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Jn. 8:31-32). What is this ‘freedom’ of which Christ speaks?

Freedom from sin. Freedom from the Law’s condemnations, and the threats and punishments of hell. Freedom of conscience, which rests in the certainty of the forgiveness of sins for Jesus’ sake. Freedom which comes from the Gospel of Christ’s free grace and forgiveness, and sets us free to love the neighbor as Christ has served us. That is the freedom we celebrate this Reformation Day and always.

Reformation Day Potluck is today following the second service. All are welcome to join us for this luncheon, even if you did not bring a dish to share. There will be no Confirmation class this morning.

Elders, Council, and Voters Mon-Tue. this week, Oct. 28-29th. 

Ladies Aid Bazaar is Saturday, Nov. 23. 10:30am-1pm.  We will have a bake sale including cookie corner, frosted Christmas cookies, noodles and other baked goodies as well as crafts. Luncheon served. 

Refreshments for Sunday morning Bible Class/Sunday School. All members are welcomed to sign up on the calendar in the fellowship hall to provide refreshments on any Sunday. Most of Nov. is currently free for those who would like to sign up. Thanks!


Middle and High School Youth

Youth Gathering tonight, 6:30p-8:30p, at the Gorman’s home. This event is open to both Middle and High Schoolers, grades 6-12. There will be fellowship, food, and fun times. The Gorman’s address is 10644 N 550 W; Decatur, IN 46733—their driveway is directly across from the Friedheim school building. Hope to see you there!

Higher Things Conference 2020. At our annual youth group planning meeting, we decided to attend the Higher Things Conference next summer. The Conferences will be held at four locations across the country. We settled on the Conference happening at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, July 14-17, 2020, because of date and location.

If you are interested in going, please contact Pr. Yeager.

 At Wyneken 

Grandparents/Special Guest Day is on Friday, November 8. Look for information to be shared soon in our weekly newsletter and on the Wyneken website on how to register your attendees for the event.

27th Annual Craft Show Sat., Dec. 7th, 9-3pm at Wyneken. Lunch served 11-1pm.  Cookie corner.  Over 70 vendors. 

SCRIP Coordinator is Heather Yeager (St. Paul, Preble.)  SCRIP representatives are –Jennifer Faurote, Preble; Teegen Brock, Bingen; and Cheryl Lengerich, Friedheim.  Consider SCRIP for all of your shopping needs-this program supports the PTL of Wyneken.

Scrap Metal Donations. Got any type of metal lying around and need to get rid of it? Like aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, wrought iron or old appliances, leftover building material, strands of burnt-out Christmas lights, farm equipment, cars, and tin roofing. Wyneken Class of 2020 has continued an open account at OmniSource on 1430 Meyer Rd (in between New Haven and Ft. Wayne) to allow for donations. It’s easy, take your scrap metal in and tell them that you would like to donate it to the Wyneken Class of 2020. Can’t get it there or don’t have a truck large enough for old pieces or farm implements, we will come get it. Contact Lori Cole for any questions. 

Wyneken PTL invites you to our Mighty Warrior Gala, February 29, 2020 located at The Eden, 14013 Emmanuel Rd., Hoagland, IN 46745. This annual fundraiser supports our school in many and various ways and is a fun night of fellowship with Wyneken parents, teachers, and pastors, past and present. Presale Tickets only. Contact Kari Butcher 260-223-2277 or to purchase tickets.

Sister Churches

Fish & Tenderloin Fry, St. Peter/Immanuel Lutheran School, Saturday, November 2, 2019 4-7pm. 3845 E `1100 N Decatur. Adults $10, Child $5, under 5 free. Dine-in or drive-thru.

Bethlehem Holiday Bazaar and Swiss Steak Dinner Sun., Nov. 3rd 11:15-1:30 pm. 6514 E 750 N Ossian, IN in the school gym. Adults $10, children 12 & under $5, Hot Dog meal $3. Carry out will be available. Proceeds will go to Phase II of the school roof project.

Craft Bazaar & Bake Sale at Martini Lutheran Church, Saturday, November 9th, 9:00am to 2:00pm.  333 E Moeller Road, New Haven, IN.  A light breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase.  For table reservations contact Barb Johnson at 414-0271.