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NEWS AND NOTES October 28, 2018

10.26.18 | Bulletins | by Kim Ehlerding

NEWS AND NOTES October 28, 2018

Serving Christ During the Week Today: 8am pg 184 Divine Service, Setting Three 9:15-10am Adult Bible Class & Sunday School 10:15am pg 184 Divine Service , Setting Three 6:30-8:30 Wyneken Volunteer Service and Games Monday: Tuesday: 6am Early Bird Bible Class Wednesday: 7pm Adult Instruction Class and Bible Class 7pm Choir practice Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Next Sunday: 8am pg. 184 Divine Service, Setting Three 9:15-10:00 am Sunday School and Bible Class 10:15am pg. 219 Matins

Serving Christ During the Week


Today:      8am  pg  184 Divine Service, Setting Three

                                9:15-10am Adult Bible Class & Sunday School

                                10:15am  pg  184 Divine Service , Setting Three

                                6:30-8:30 Wyneken Volunteer Service and Games


 Tuesday:          6am Early Bird Bible Class


Wednesday:         7pm Adult Instruction Class and Bible Class

                                                7pm  Choir practice




Next Sunday:   

                8am  pg. 184 Divine Service, Setting Three

                9:15-10:00 am Sunday School and Bible Class

                10:15am pg. 219 Matins



                                NEWS AND NOTES October 28, 2018


  • Our Wyneken Parents who attend worship here with their Wyneken children are reminded to initial their column on the special books in the narthex. We have begun another 6 months of record keeping for attendance.  Recall that each family with their Wyneken children must attend at least 14 services at the church to retain their member tuition status.


  • The Early-Bird Bible Class, which meets every Tuesday morning at 6 am in the Bingen Parish Hall, is studying the book of Acts. This offers a wonderful way to start the day with the Word of God and prayer.


  • As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School, we recognize the graduates of our school. This week we remember the Wyneken graduation class of 1979.  Laura Aumann, Kelly Blum. Kurt Bradtmueller, Rodney Bradtmueller, Timothy Bultemeier, Ryan Bultemeyer, Steve Conrad, Dean Gallmeyer, Carleen Haines, Pam Hockemeyer, Paul Hockemeyer, Scott Hormann, Suzanne Keuneke, Dianne Kiess, Janell Kleine, Krista Macke, Cheryl McDougall, Daniel McDougall, Joyce Peters, James Reed, Dawn Stoppenhagen, Brian Strahm, Janene Zelt


  • SCRIP: A new SCRIP representative (volunteer position) is needed for Zion, Friedheim and for St. Paul , Preble.  Please prayerfully consider your church and school in this capacity.  If  interested,  contact Mr. Gavrun at principal or by phone at 260-639-6177


  • Wall of Honor: Sunday, November 11 is Veteran’s Day.  We know that our freedom  isn’t free.  Because of the sacrifices of many brave men and women, we can enjoy the many rights and privileges that this country has to offer.  We would like to honor our many veterans.  In order to do this, we will be assembling a Veterans’ Day Wall and we need your help.  We are asking for pictures of  family and friends that have served or are currently serving in the military.  Along with a picture, we would like to have the following information with the photo; Names of person in photo, name of person submitting the photo, relation to you, branch of service and when that person served.  Please send in your pictures and information to the school office by November 1.


  • Grandparents/Special Guest Day: Mark your calendars for Friday, November 1!  Times are 8am-10am for visitations and chapel at 10am.  No lunches to be served.  Here is a link to get your guests registered for Grandparents Day;
  • https://wynekengpday.eventbrite.com On line registration will close on October 30.


  • Prayer List: for members to use as they bring the needs of others before God’s throne of grace:  Kathy Terhune, Marilyn Harvey, Rae Fuhrmann (long time Wyneken teacher), Lorretta Boroff-sister of Jake Miller


  • Today 6:30-8:30 p.m. – Wyneken Volunteer Service and Games

Join your fellow Wyneken alumni for an hour or so of service before having fun times in the Wyneken gymnasium. We are playing volleyball this time!


  • SGO DONATIONS. For those planning to donate to our Wyneken School through an SGO, SGO donations will still give the donor a 50% tax credit for their Indiana State taxes. However, the federal IRS will no longer allow such donations to be itemized. Call John Dize at 260-203-4509 or go to

  • November 4, 11, 18; 6:30-8:30 p.m. – Youth Gathering at Parsonage 1 Join us on Sunday evenings for food, fellowship, and fun. No Gathering Thanksgiving Weekend.


  • Bethlehem Lutheran Church Ossian is having their Holiday Bazaar Sunday, November 4th 11:15-1:30 pm . Swiss Steak Dinner Adults $10, children 12 and under $5, carry out available.



  • Our Ladies Aid Bazaar and Luncheon is Nov. 17th, 10:30-1pm. Noodles, decorated cookies, bake sale, and craft items.  All are welcome and thank you for your support!


  • The Women’s Guild of Emmaus Lutheran 8626 Covington Rd, will hold its annual Christmas Bazaar & Sale on Saturday, November 10 from 9am-2pm in the gym.


  • Next week lessons: Deuteronomy 6:1-9, Hebrew 9:11-14, Mark 12:28-37

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