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NEWS AND NOTES September 9, 2018

09.08.18 | Bulletins

NEWS AND NOTES September 9, 2018

    Today: (Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. John Pless) 8am, Divine Service 9:15-10am Adult Bible Class & Sunday School 10:15am, Matins 12noon -3pm Festival in the Grove (see notes) 3pm, Pastor Brege is officially installed as District President [see notes] Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: 7pm NO Adult Instruction Class (Pastor Brege in St. Louis) 7pm Choir practice Thursday 7pm Wyneken School Board Friday Saturday Next Sunday: [Guest Preacher; Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill 8am Matins 9:15-10:00 am Sunday School and Bible Class 10:15am Divine Service 12noon -3pm Parish Hall in use 3pm Circuit Forum at St. John, Bingen

    Serving Christ During the Week


    Today:  (Guest Preacher:  Rev. Dr. John Pless)

                                    8am, Divine Service

                                    9:15-10am Adult Bible Class & Sunday School

                                    10:15am, Matins

                            12noon -3pm Festival in the Grove (see notes)

                                    3pm, Pastor Brege is officially installed as District President [see notes]



    Wednesday:         7pm NO Adult Instruction Class  (Pastor Brege in St. Louis)

                                                    7pm  Choir practice

    Thursday               7pm Wyneken School Board



    Next Sunday:   [Guest Preacher;  Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill

                    8am Matins

                    9:15-10:00 am Sunday School and Bible Class

                    10:15am Divine Service

                    12noon -3pm Parish Hall in use

                    3pm Circuit Forum at St. John, Bingen          



                                    NEWS AND NOTES September 9, 2018


    Å   We welcome today Rev. Dr. John Pless as our guest preacher and celebrant.  Dr Pless is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions, and Director of Field Education at the seminary.  May our Lord bless Dr Pless in all his work.


    Å  Today we begin our two-service Sunday worship schedule.  Worship will beheld at 8am and 10:15am with Bible Class and Sunday School from 9:15-10am.  On the Fifth Sunday we will normally celebrate Holy Communion in both services.


    Å  This afternoon at 3pm Pastor Brege will be installed as District President of the Indiana District.  This installation will occur at Zion Lutheran Church,  Hannah St. Ft. Wayne.  As previously noted, all are invited


    Å  Since as of this afternoon Pastor Brege will be full time District President, we will no longer list his weekly schedule either in the calendar or  in the News and Notes.


    Å  As Pastor Brege is able, he will teach the Adult Instruction Class on Wednesday evening.  This week Pastor will be unable to teach the class due to District President responsibilities.  He hopes to teach this class either until its completion or until the next pastor can take over. 


    Å  On August 21st the St. Paul Voters unanimously extended a divine call to Rev. Andrew Yeager.  Pastor Yeager is now called to two congregations that are  geographically separated, so he must prayerfully determine which congregation he will serve as full time called pastor.  We pray the Lord’s guidance as Rev. Yeager deliberates his call to serve here. He hopes to announce his decision today at his current congregation (Zion) in Garrett.


    Å  Sunday School and Adult Bible Class begin today, gathering for special study of God’s Word from 9:15-10am.  Substitute  pastors will teach on a topic of their choice, often teaching on one of the lessons of the day.  We thank again those individuals who will be teaching  our children in Sunday School.  May we all grow in the grace and KNOWLEDGE of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18)


    Å  As Pastor Brege is now working fulltime with Indiana District matters, in an urgent situation members are encouraged to contact an area pastor (Dahling, Brock, Voorman, Christian).


    Å  Next Sunday at 3pm our Decatur Circuit churches will gather at a Circuit Forum at St. John (Bingen).  The main purpose of this forum is to elect pastoral and lay delegates to officially represent the Decatur Circuit at next year’s national   LC-MS convention.


    Å  GENTLY USED SALE!  also Bake Sale and Noodles.  Friday Sept 21st, 8am to 4pm and Saturday Sept. 22nd, 8am to 11am.  Saturday $2.00 a bag  plus all MARKED items ½ price.  Items may be brought Monday Sept. 17th through 6pm Wednesday Sept. 19th.


    Å  Our Wyneken parents who attend worship here with their Wyneken children are reminded to initial their column on the special books in the narthex.  We have begun another 6 months of record keeping for attendance.  Recall that each family with their Wyneken children must attend at least 14 services at the church to retain their member tuition status.


    Å  To all the St. Paul members who so graciously respond to the Ladies Aid requests for funeral donations, thank you and God Bless.


    Å Youth Event Festival in the Grove 12noon-3pm.  Come and enjoy free food and fun at St. John;s Mission Festival in the grove across from Wyneken.  Inflatable slide, inflatable obstacle course, corn hole, volleyball, and more will be available.  If you have a favorite outdoor game that travels, bring it!


    Å  If you love to sing and wish to use your talent in service to the Lord, please join us as the Adult Choir will begin practices on Wednesday, September 12 at 7pm.  Sing to the Lord a new song! 


    Å  As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School, we recognize the graduates of our school.  This week we remember the Wyneken graduating class of 1972.  Stephen Bachmann, Dean Berning, Bruce Bultemeier, Kurt Busse, Glenn Buuck, Christine Crosby, Mark Everett, Janelle Haines, Rosalyn Hobrock, Chris Hoffman, Martha Kozlowski, Rebecca Krueckeberg, Dara Kuck, Kip Macke,  Luanne Mailand , Ronald Moellering,  Van Nuerge, Debra Scheumann,  Janilyn Scheumann,  Karen Scheumann,  Marshall Scheumann,  James Schroeder,  Barry Schultz, Janet Selking, Stan Stoppenhagen,  Sandra Uffelman,  Karen Zander


    Å  Please mark your calendars now for the following activities:  Sunday, September 30, 2018  SRD Workshop 3:00 PM  St Paul-Preble  Sew Cancer Pads  Please bring your favorite thimble, needle, and scissors.  Preble ladies will be serving a light evening meal.  Sunday, October 7, 2018  LLL/LWML Fall Rally  3:00 PM  St Peter-Fuelling  Program:  Life of Friedrich Conrad Dietrich Wyneken.    Light evening meal will be served by Fuelling ladies.


    Å  For those planning to donate to our Wyneken School through an SGO, SGO donatios update:  SGO donations WILL still give the donor a 50% tax credit for their Indians taxes.  However the Federal IRS will no longer allow such donations to be itemized.  Call Jon Dize at 260-203-4509 or go to




    Å  "Prayer list" for members to use as they bring the needs of others before God's throne of grace: Kathy Terhune has miraculously shown improvement ; Bonnei Gallmeyer; James Johnson; Marilyn Harvey; Rae Fuhrmann (long time Wyneken teacher).  


    Å  Matters of marriage, sexuality, and procreation are not marginal to the Christian message. Husband, wife, and children capture the heart of the Gospel in their unconditional acceptance and self-sacrificing servanthood (Ephesians 5:31-32). Indifference or abuse to family structure diminishes our life-saving witness. Celebrating and exercising these gifts will strengthen all other social institutions as well. Heavenly Bridegroom, charm us into enthusiastically submitting to Your will. Amen.















    Saint Paul Lutheran Church





    Sermon:  “When God Speaks” (Mark 7:31-37)

                    Summary:  Martin Luther, in a sermon on this text, said “All the world is deaf.” Our sin has made us deaf to the voice of the Good Shepherd.  Unable to hear God, our ears are clogged with the muffled noises of a fallen creation. Frustrated and frightened, our speech is garbled and unclear.  Only when and where Jesus puts His fingers in our muffled ears and touches our heavy tongues are we freed to confess Him and live lives that are opened to His creation.  With touch, spit, and His words, Jesus puts Himself completely into this old creation so that our deaf ears hear His voice and follow Him out of  death into life and our tongues are released to praise the wonders of His mercy and grace.



    P:  Lord, in your mercy     C:  Hear our prayer:

    The Communicants

    Our Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

    For Rev. Andrew Yeager, called to be or new pastor

    For St. Paul, Preble, and Zion, Garrett as Rev. Yeager deliberates

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